Services provided

A consolidated database of aggregated and harmonised data and a large network of experts in fisheries and aquaculture represent the backbone of the market intelligence services. Data are harmonised in 108 Main commercial species and 12 Commodity groups available from first sale to consumption on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis, in a single website and in all 24 official languages of the EU. Some data can be also extracted at a more disaggregated level or through a bulk download facility.

Data are publically accessible without registration.

The road so far and future developments

The development process and all outputs are based on the overarching objective of the EUMOFA, which is to deliver reliable consistent and useful data and information on the EU market for fisheries and aquaculture products.

Starting from the test phase, the EUMOFA has progressively expanded its services, in view to:

  • increase the supply chain coverage and the number of countries involved in the data collection system;
  • improve dissemination tools, providing alson outlooks and market prospects;
  • analyse international context and trade flows.

Starting from 2016, an interactive approach has been used with video tutorials and other tools for supporting users to extract data from the database.

Who we are

EUMOFA is an initiative of EU Commission - Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE).

An international team of fisheries and aquaculture experts and analysts monitors the EU market from day to day. The EUMOFA team checks the data collected and interprets them through its multiple contact points in the different EU countries.

The Editing Committee, comprised of European Commission policy officers and representatives of the EUMOFA team, defines the editorial line and supervises all publications.

Under the supervision of DG MARE, EUMOFA services are managed by a group of companies :

led by COGEA (Italy), in partnership with :

  • AND (France),
  • EUROFISH (Denmark),
  • Business Integration Partners (Italy).

The view and conclusions presented in all publications reflect the opinion of the author(s) and do not necessarly reflect the opinion on the EU Commission or its officers.