Study on the challenges of aquaculture products in food outlets is now online

EUMOFA conducted a study on the challenges faced by EU aquaculture products in sales outlets , following a request from the Market Advisory Council (MAC).

In 2021, EU aquaculture production accounted for 28% of total fishery and aquaculture products (FAPs) production within the EU. Consumption patterns and market trends vary across Member States and species, with high consumption in some countries and varying consumption levels in others. EU farmed products face various market positioning challenges, including increasing production volume, adapting to climate change and resource scarcity, increasing production costs, and strong competition with third-country products. Strategies to differentiate products include innovative methods, origins, and quality requirements. Investment in communication activities and certification may be necessary to implement these strategies effectively. The aquaculture sector in the EU is also characterized by a low level of organization, limiting bargaining power and investment capacity. The sector is composed of large-scale operators with the capacity to invest, but also many small-scale companies with limited resources. The sector must continuously adapt to changing consumer preferences and retailers' requirements.

The study is available for download here.

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