News Digest n.6 / 2024


Fishing Sector Promotes Sustainable Fisheries for Future

The fishing sector, represented by the International Coalition of Fisheries Associations (ICFA), is committed to advancing sustainable fisheries management, balancing biodiversity conservation, sustainable use of natural resources, and food security.

Aquaculture production excluding algae has overtaken fishing, says UN report

The FAO State of World Aquaculture and Fisheries Report 2024 shows that aquaculture production reached 139.9 million tonnes, with 94.4 million tonnes being aquatic animals. The report highlights the potential of aquaculture to feed the growing world population and emphasizes the need for further transformative actions to strengthen the efficiency, inclusiveness, resilience, and sustainability of aquatic food systems.

Spain now fastest growing salmon market, says Seafood Council

Spaniards and Portuguese neighbours are developing a taste for salmon faster than other Europeans, according to Norwegian Seafood Council export data. The increase is attributed to an increase in home consumption, with Spain experiencing the largest increase in value, followed by the Netherlands. The Seafood Council expects this trend to continue.

Commission approves stricter controls for more flexible catch reporting in specific fisheries

The European Commission has adopted conditions for exemptions to margin of tolerance rules in small pelagic fisheries, industrial fisheries, and tropical tuna fisheries using purse seiners. These exemptions will apply to specific ports, ensuring equal treatment for all fishing fleets. The Commission will analyze proposals and publish the first list by July 2024.

The Commission welcomes the agreement on sustainable fisheries reached at Indian Ocean Tuna Commission

The EU has welcomed the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission's 28th annual meeting, which adopted 11 new conservation and management measures to make fisheries in the Indian Ocean more sustainable. The resolution addresses the management of drifting fish aggregating devices and other key measures for sustainable fisheries.

Pescatourism: a cooperation opportunity for Mediterranean fisheries

Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs) are promoting pescatourism, a non-commercial fishing activity that uses marine resources for recreation, tourism, or sport. With the support of the European, Maritime and Fisheries Fund, 18 FLAGs have launched a comprehensive approach to promote pescatourism, building rapport with fishermen through port visits and discussions. Pescatourism reduces pressure on local fish species and provides opportunities for youth, preserving vital skills and traditional vessels.

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