New study: Scallop in the EU

The study analyses scallops’ market in the EU, focusing on the price structure along the supply chain in France, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

In 2021, the global scallops production amounted to almost 3 million tonnes, mainly from aquaculture (73% in 2021). China is by far the main producer, contributing to 64% of global production in 2021. The EU-27 accounted for only 2% of the world scallop production with 45.985 tonnes in 2021. However, the EU is the main global producer of great Atlantic scallop, accounting for 42.564 tonnes in 2021 (93% of the EU scallop production), and the second producer of queen scallop, which production consisted in 6% of the EU production with 2.821 tonnes. France is by far the largest EU producer, with 91% of the total EU-27 production in 2021. The same year, it was followed by Ireland which accounted for 6% of the EU production. France is also the main importer of scallops in the EU. The UK, which is a major supplier of the EU-27, produced 30.021 tonnes in 2021.

For more information, please download the study in English and soon in French and Spanish. You may also read the “Species Profile” on king scallop, available at this link.

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