New study: Fresh European Seabass in the EU

The study analyses market of the European seabass in the EU, focusing on the price structure along the supply chain in Spain, Italy and Greece.

In 2021, European seabass production reached 305,000 tonnes, with 98% from aquaculture and 2% from fisheries. Farmed production mainly took place in Türkiye, the EU-27, and Egypt. Greece and Spain dominated EU production with 76% of total output, with Croatia representing 9%. Wild seabass production decreased by 38% globally and 42% at EU level due to resource decline and management measures. The EU apparent consumption for seabass was 110.723 tonnes in 2021, with Greece, Spain, and Italy being the main exporters and importers.

You may also read the “Species Profile” on European seabass, available at this link.

The study is available for download here.

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