Release of weekly first sale data from Iceland

EUMOFA has extended its first sale dataset, which now includes weekly data from Iceland

EUMOFA is delighted to announce the extension of its first sale dataset. It now includes weekly first sale data of Iceland, broken down by species, presentation, preservation and size for the most important species sold at Icelandic fish auctions.

The extension was made possible thanks to the establishment of a regular data transmission flow with the Reiknistofa fiskmarkaða hf (RSF).

As with all data published by EUMOFA, figures have been subject to in-depth completeness and accuracy quality checks.

With the availability of first sale data for 17 EU Member States (plus Norway and the United Kingdom), the data from of Iceland in EUMOFA represents a further step to achieve the EUMOFA’s purpose to reach strong first sale data coverage in Europe.

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