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This month’s issue analyses first sales of haddock in France, the Netherlands and Sweden and pouting in the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. The case studies of this month are: “Fisheries and aquaculture in Japan” and “Anchovy in the EU”.

FIRST SALES OF HADDOCK AND POUTING. Over the 36-month observation period (April 2020 – March 2023), the weighted average first-sales price of pouting in Portugal was 1,84 EUR/kg, 447% higher than that of the Netherlands (0,34 EUR/kg), and 4% above the average price in Spain (1,77 EUR/kg). During the same observed period of time, the weighted average first-sales price of haddock in France was 2,42 EUR/kg, 5% higher than in Sweden (2,32 EUR/kg), and 324% higher than in the Netherlands (0,57 EUR/kg).

EXTRA-EU IMPORTS. In 2023, prices of frozen Alaska pollack from United States and frozen fillets of blue grenadier from New Zealand showed a downward trend. Price of frozen Alaska pollack ranged from 1,77 to 2,92 EUR/kg, and volume fluctuated strongly between 6 to 118 tonnes. Price of frozen fillets of blue grenadier ranged from 4,59 to 6,20 EUR/kg and supply fluctuated greatly from 40 to 419 tonnes.

CONSUMPTION. In March 2023 compared with March 2022, household consumption of fresh fisheries and aquaculture products decreased in Denmark, Germany, Hungary and Portugal in both volume and value, while in Ireland and Sweden an increase was observed in both parameters. In France and Spain values only increased, while consumed volumes remained the same. The highest decrease was detected in Denmark due to a lower consumption of cod (65% of volume and 64% of value), mackerel (62% of volume and 48% of value) and other halibut species (64% of volume and 59% of value). This month the focus is on consumption of trout in Denmark, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Poland.

The most recent weekly consumption data (up to week 21 of 2023) can be accessed on the EUMOFA website.

FISHERIES AND AQUACULTURE IN JAPAN. In 2021, fisheries production in Japan amounted to 3.152.433 tonnes. Compared to 2020, this was a decrease of 3%, mainly related to decreased captures of skipjack tuna (25%) and albacore (49%), followed by Japanese anchovy (19%) and Japanese flying squid (35%). In 2021, Japanese aquaculture production amounted to 959.680 tonnes at a value of EUR 5,2 million. Compared to 2020 this corresponded to a 4% decrease in volume and a 3% decrease in value. In 2022, Japan exported 637.004 tonnes of FAPs at a value of EUR 2,6 billion, which was a 3% increase in volume and a 22% increase in value compared to 2021.

BLUE WHITING IN THE EU. In 2021, catches of blue whiting in the EU amounted to 259.264 tonnes, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland and Germany being the main producing countries. The EU is a net exporter of blue whiting with a trade surplus of EUR 83 million in 2021. In 2021, 62% first sales in reporting countries occurred in Denmark 26% in the Netherlands and 10% in Spain. In 2022, the EU imported 56.749 tonnes of blue whiting at a value of EUR 17 million and exported 197.995 tonnes at a value of EUR 145 million, which resulted in a trade surplus of EUR 128 million. The main destinations for exports of blue whiting from the EU in 2022 were Nigeria (60% of total value), followed by China (11%) and Cameroon (8%).

ANCHOVY IN THE EU. In 2020, landings of European anchovy species in the EU-27 amounted to 104.070 tonnes. Since 2013, Spain has been the main landing EU Member State, accounting for 48% of the total EU landing volumes in 2021, followed by Italy (23%). Other main landing countries were Croatia (11%), Portugal (9%) and Greece (7%). In 2022, the EU-27 imported 24.956 tonnes of anchovy at a value of 186 million, mostly prepared or preserved (91% of the imports total value). The major provider of anchovy to the EU market was Morocco, accounting for 63% of the extra-EU import value, followed by Albania (14%).

MACROECONOMIC CONTEXT. Average prices for marine fuel in May 2023 ranged between 0,58 and 0,76 EUR/litre in ports in France, Italy, Spain, and the UK. Prices decreased by an average of about 8,4% compared with the previous month, and they also decreased by an average of 35,9% compared with the same month in 2022.

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